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Product Line

FWIP wall mount front right-2W.png

Our team was tasked with revamping and relaunching an entire line of rugged, Industrial-grade IoT devices based on a modular, reconfigurable printed circuit boards. The client’s existing family of products were changing internally and they wanted their designs to reflect the modernization.


Previous Products


Printed Circuit Boards

We were provided a set of boards with a few configurations around which to build.

FWIP Boards w chassis.png

Plastic Chassis

We began by building a plastic chassis to suspend and protect the board-sets.



WavePoint 10e


The first product to emerge from our team was the WavePoint 10e. As a junior designer, I cut my teeth facilitating the manufacture of this enclosure.


The enclosure is comprised of a four-part die-cast aluminum body, aluminum plates front and rear, plus copper heat sinks that transfer processor heat to the functional outer fins.



WavePoint Outdoor

After production began on the 10e, our client wanted an IP67-rated outdoor version that could be mounted to a radio tower or outside on a building. I lead the designing of a sealed, clamshell enclosure that adhered to the new family image. Additionally, it required that we build it to accept the 10e plastic PCB chassis, account for visibility of the heat sink’s alignment during assembly, and create 2 mounting configurations; “pole-mount” and “wall-mount.”


The WavePoint Outdoor model needed to perform all the functions of the Wavepoint 10e and be durable enough to weather the elements in a variety of climates


Concept renderings

FWIP wall mount front.png
FWIP New Bracket.png
FWIP Portfolio Page L-01.png
FWIP Portfolio Page R-01.png




WavePoint 20e

Some months later, this same client required a smaller version of the 10e with reduced frequencies. I led the design of a new board chassis and simplified enclosure with a stackable, modular center section.

FW20e- three quarter view.png
FW20e- Front view.png

Finished Product Line

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