About Me

I am a forward-looking, practicing designer with focuses on interaction and industrial design who thrives in a collaborative environment. My recently completed thesis, ARCAD, focused on the intersection of Interaction and Industrial Design through the creation of a parametric-style 3-D modeling environment in Augmented Reality.

Before attending the Master of Design Program at the University of Washington, I spent 4+ years working as a client-facing Industrial Designer at a 35-year-old product-development firm in Boulder Colorado. My undergraduate education included a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design and an Associate of Science in Automotive Technology. This varied background has cultivated design skills in a wide variety of mental models, physical and digital processes, prototyping approaches, and tools necessary to design, build and test innovative approaches and ideas.

I genuinely believe in the power of good design and its ability to improve the lives of its users and practitioners.


“It’s about people… People can change anything —and that means everything in the world.”

-Joe Strummer